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Xenosys had initially become involved with Sembcorp (then Enron Teesside Operations)in support of their MAXIMO asset / maintenance management system providing additional functionality for barcode scanning of stores inventory.

When we were asked to look at the possibility of providing functionality to support the maintenance of Sembcorp Utilities High Voltage Distribution it was quickly clear that the "depth" of the requirements, and the specialist nature of Sembcorp operations excluded a MAXIMO based solution.

There were existing systems based upon Lotus Approach and these formed the basis of the business analysis. Nonetheless the design phase was prolonged and complicated by the nuances of Electrical distribution and the need for tight control in the area of Authorisations and Permits for work.

Working closely with Sembcorp IT department and the Sembcorp Utilities High Voltage team the system was modeled using Web Ratio CASE modeling tool and deployed over the companies corporate intranet. This is perhaps the most challenging project we have ever worked on.

The application is extremely complex and the business logic implied within the system was very difficult to pin down. There are many user levels ranging from super admin through approvers and operators to help desk operatives with view only access. Sembcorp High Voltage Distribution's operation staff knew exactly what they did, but the legacy system didn't really support this well and the business processes were tacit and deeply embedded.

Extracting this knowledge was not easy and we were often hit with comments like "Yeah I know we said that but we don't really do that in practice" forcing us to reconsider established functionality. To be frank it was a bit of a developers nightmare. But we rode the storm and the resultant system surpasses everybody's expectations.

Proof once again of Xenosys flexibility and a real desire to get it done properly. Despite all the challenges Xenosys relationship with Sembcorp is stronger than ever. Need we say more.

Technical Overview

• Microsoft .NET based n-tier architected web application modeled using WEBRATIO case modeling tool.
• Written in C#.
• Deployed over Sembcorp Intranet through IIS.
• Hosted on server farm with Cisco PIX firewall locked down to HBoS proxy servers only.
• Microsoft SQL Database.
• Over 200 pages of ASPX.
• Crystal Reports.
• Linked to barcode Scanning (planned).

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